Got some great footage of @sierrapaigee first performance last night! Proud of you baby girl! So many more great things to come, this is only the beginning!🎵🎶🎼 (at Elm St. Bar)
So good. “Lindsay V” - @richardfphillips @dallascontemporary  (at Dallas Contemporary)
"Schizophrenia" enormous oil on linen canvas by @richardfphillips  (at Dallas Contemporary)
Today is special. 😁
"And I can’t recall, the last time I took advice from anyone.." This album is golden. @justsza #sza #tde
Every Friday night I’m just at home like
It looks as though I’m holding little galaxies in the palm of my hand. So infatuated with these marbles @triggerglass helped me make!
Elements and crystals. Can’t help but marvel at spectacles such as these. #earthart #deepellum #dallas  (at Deep Ellum)
"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." 
Photo cred: @sierrapaigee  (at Deep Ellum)
Giant|Gold|Bear. I should probably leave. 🍭👀  (at Lolli and Pops)
This must be Gummy Bear Heaven😬😯 Too bad I can’t have sweets.😔  (at Lolli and Pops)
A girl can dream. One day, I will take this photo for myself. The Northern Lights, by way of Iceland. #AuroraBorealis #bucketlist #wanderlust
Words are failing me. “Celestial Rhythms” by @saragolish. Probably this woman’s hugest fan right now. #SaraGolish #MoonDustSeries  #perfection
Storm a’brewin. Excuse my mild obsession with the sky.☁️⚡️